Tips To Create A Spa-Like Bathroom

Do you dream of having a bathroom that radiates the luxury of a spa or high-end hotel? There can be a lot of work involved to achieve a bright, relaxing, and uncluttered design. We’re here to make your dream bathroom come to life, without the stress.

1. Balance Floors & Finishes

A photo of a modern bathroom with a floating vanity with a white and wood finish, and a free-standing tub.

Photo Source: Centura

The hallmark of a spa-like bathroom is its ability to blend functionality with serene aesthetics. Envision light, airy spaces marked by neutral and natural finishes, creating a relaxing environment. Shower heads and faucets in satin nickel, black, or beautiful shades of gold add an elegant touch. Opt for light-coloured tiles and flooring, accented with a choice of light or dark wood grain. Remember, balance is essential. Integrate outdoor elements, such as plants and stones, to set the perfect tone for your rejuvenating bathroom space.

2. Maximize Light and Space

A photo of a bathroom featuring a shower with a glass door, white tiles on the walls and floors, and black accents.

Photo Source: MAAX Bath Inc.

A spa-like bathroom thrives on maximal light and space. If natural light is limited, consider installing lights under vanities that shine towards the floor, or back-lit mirrors. Recessed ceiling lights can brighten areas without windows. Opt for showers with glass walls to make the area appear larger and more open, contributing to an ‘airy floating effect’ that is quintessential to achieving a spa-like ambiance.

3. Choose a Floating Vanity

A photo of a modern bathroom with a grey floating vanity with marble countertop, marble flooring, and a black window frame.

Product Pictured: W/H Marne 31″ C Ash 2 Drawers

From tiles to vanities, each product should align with the spa-like aesthetic, ensuring beauty, functionality, and longevity. Floating vanities are a modern, practical choice for any bathroom renovation. They free up floor space, making the room look bigger, and are easier to clean under. Choose between a single or double sink and enjoy a contemporary, sleek look. When picking out your style, keep in mind how much storage space you need to keep a clutter-free retreat.


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