How To Choose A Grout Colour

Choosing the perfect grout colour can be overwhelming. Are you worried about making the wrong choice, and ending up with a mismatched tile and grout combo? The team at Cover-Ups Flooring & Bath has the expertise and options to help you confidently select the perfect grout colour for your project.

How To Choose Grout Colours

A photo of a wall with red tile and red grout. There are two wooden stools with plants and ceramic pots in front of the wall. (Image source: Midgley West).

(Image source: Midgley West)

The colour of your tile is your starting point. If you want a cohesive look, opt for grout that matches your tile colour. For a more dramatic effect, choose a contrasting colour. There are generally three options available:

White: This is a classic choice, ideal for creating a seamless look, particularly with white tiles.

Neutral (grey or beige): A versatile choice that blends in well with most tile colours.

Coloured: This includes bold colours like blue, red, or black, perfect for making a statement or creating a cohesive look with coloured tile, like the bathroom pictured above.

A chart of grout colours by Mapei.

(Mapei grout colour chart)

Remember, grout colours can vary in shade from light to dark, giving you a broad spectrum to choose from.

Trend Alert: Glitter Grout

Glitter grout has been trending, and is a fantastic choice for those seeking to elevate their design with a hint of shimmer. While not immediately noticeable from a distance, when you get closer, you can catch a glimpse of the sparkle. This option could work really well if you have gold bath fixtures or a hint of gold within your tiles.

Other Factors to Consider

A photo of a shower with modern white tile, and black shower head. (Image source: Ceratec/The Everyday Home).

(Image source: Ceratec/The Everyday Home)

When selecting grout for your tile project, there are additional factors to take into account.

  1. Effect: One key consideration is the effect you want to achieve with your grout lines. Do you prefer visible grout lines that add visual interest and create a busier look? Or would you rather have grout that blends more subtly, creating a seamless appearance?
  2. Contrast: Keep in mind the level of contrast between the grout and the tiles. Dark grout lines may create a striking contrast, but they can also highlight crud and require more frequent cleaning. Light grout lines, on the other hand, may show stains and discoloration more easily. Strike a balance that suits your cleaning routine and desired aesthetic.

Updates In Grout

Unlike grout options of the past, grout is engineered to not stain and yellow as fast or as much as it used to, so the finished look of your project won’t deteriorate and you can focus more on the appearance you wish to achieve.

Another development is hybrid grout. You used to have to choose between sanded and unsanded grout, and now they are combined into a hybrid. Hybrid grout can be used on walls and floors in a residential setup, without having to change the grout that you buy.

Start Your Project

A photo of a shower floor with tile installed.

Once you’ve considered the desired effect, contrast preferences, colour options, and potential discolouration concerns, you will be able to make an informed grout selection for your tile project.

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