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Shower & Bath Installations

At Cover-Ups Flooring, we provide professional installation services for shower bases and walls, shower doors, bathtubs, and a range of other bathroom accessories. Your bathroom is your sanctuary within your home. The right shower or bath can create a space of refuge or relaxation, where you can escape from the demands of a busy day.

Modern showers and baths are available in a wide range of styles to suit the look of any home. From opulent and luxurious to simple and minimalistic, we can help you find the perfect bath or shower for your home renovation project.

Our team of qualified installers knows how to minimize disruption during a bathroom renovation. We’ll work with you to discover your vision for the space and then complete a thorough installation that fits your timelines and your budget.


Your shower base and walls are the starting points for designing your new shower space. Choose from a range of base configurations for alcoves or corners, including rounded, square, rectangular, or angled. You can even select custom options for your walls, like shower seats and storage ledges, or choose a custom tiled wall for your shower.

Once you’ve selected a base, you can choose from a variety of glass shower doors, including pivot doors, sliding doors, or door shields. Finding the perfect door for your space is the best way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Doors are available with finishes in a number of different colours and materials.


From casual to elegant, we supply an array of bathtubs in different styles, shapes, and sizes. When choosing a bathtub, it’s important to find the design that will complement the design of your bathroom and work for your body shape.

Our bathtub selection includes free-standing, alcove, corner, drop-in, undermount, and wall-mounted options. Shop by shape for rectangular or oval tubs and choose from a range of features, including arm rests, tiling flanges, whirlpool or aeroeffect jets, and more.

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