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    Tile Floor Installation Services

    At Cover-Ups Flooring, we provide expert installation services for ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles. Learn more about each type of tile below:

    Ceramic Floor Tiles

    Ceramic tiles are made from natural red or white clay that has been baked at high temperatures in a kiln. To complete the process, a durable glaze or design will be added to the face of the tile.

    Ceramic tile is typically used for walls, backsplashes, and occasionally flooring. Since ceramic is softer than porcelain, it is more prone to wear and chipping. For this reason, you would want to install ceramic tiles only in light to moderate traffic areas.

    Porcelain Floor Tiles

    Porcelain tiles are made from clay and finely ground sand. Porcelain is pressed and fired at much higher temperatures and for a longer period of time than ceramic, in order to remove as much water content as possible. This process makes porcelain tiles denser, less porous, and more hard-wearing than ceramic tiles.

    Glazed porcelain tiles are even harder and offer greater wear resistance, while full-body porcelain tiles are created using a process where the colour/pattern are baked throughout the entire thickness of the tile. This makes them virtually impervious to wear and suitable for any application.

    Porcelain tiles are excellent for light to heavy traffic areas, such as kitchen floors, entrance ways, and family rooms. Porcelain tiles also make beautiful outdoor floors for patios or verandahs. Tiles are available in matte, unglazed, and polished finishes.

    Natural Stone Floor Tiles

    Natural stone tiles are made from a variety of materials, including marble, quartz, granite, slate, limestone, and travertine. These tiles range in durability and wear-resistance, depending on the specific type of natural stone.

    Natural stone will enhance the look of your home in a number of ways. Marble and granite will give your home a more luxurious look, while other types of stone can accentuate other design elements. Learn more about the benefits of natural stone tiles from our team.

    Tile Flooring Maintenance

    Proper maintenance for your tile flooring is important. For regular cleanings, sweeping and vacuuming is sufficient to maintain your floors. Mopping with plain water will help to remove minor dirt and dust. Make sure you avoid staining by wiping up spills as soon as possible.

    All-purpose household cleaners can be used on most tile floors, and soapless detergents can also be used. Before cleaning with any product, you should check with the manufacturer of your specific flooring or tile product to see what is recommended.

    We recommend that you use a small test area with any cleaning product before applying it to your entire floor. This will help to ensure there are no adverse effects from the cleaning product.

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