Installation Services

Professional installation services for all types of flooring and bathroom vanities, showers, and tubs.

Are you looking to complete a major renovation of your home? Want to leave the job to the professionals? We’re here to help!

At Cover-Ups Flooring, we provide professional flooring installation services to help you create the space you’ve always imagined. We carry a wide range of carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, hardwood, vanities, shower bases and tubs, and installation materials.

While we can supply you with the materials you need to complete a DIY installation, it’s always better to get expert support for larger, more complicated projects. Simplify your renovation experience and make sure your project lives up to your expectations.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Our Installation Process

Our installation process starts with a free, in-home consultation with our team. At this initial meeting, we’ll take detailed measurements of the space you’re renovating. We’ll also ask you a series of questions to understand the following:

  • Your design vision
  • Your current lifestyle
  • Your needs for the space
  • Your project requirements

We’ll identify high traffic areas that need more durable flooring materials. We’ll assess the style of your home’s interior and select options that will fit with the existing look and feel.

At the end of the process, our team will deliver a detailed estimate and provide recommendations that are tailored to your space, your lifestyle, and your specific needs.

Our Installers

At Cover-Ups, our installers are experts in their trade and have extensive experience providing professional installations for all types of flooring. Our owner, Gord Blyth, is our master installer and manages our trusted team. From measuring your space to the final clean-up, our installers will complete your installation to the highest standards.

Meet the Team