Our Team

Meet the friendly team at Cover-Ups Flooring in Fergus and Arthur.

Gord Blyth

Master Installer

With over two decades of experience as a contractor and renovator, Gord is the type of guy who knows everything about everything. Paired with a meticulous attention to detail and a natural talent for all things ‘built’, he is our master installer and the person most customers and contractors will consult for advice.

Gord has an identical twin brother, so don’t be surprised if you say ‘hello’ on the street and do not get the expected response. Gord grew up on a farm with his three other siblings and is passionate about small communities and their challenges.

Caroline Paquet

Store Manager and Designer

From Quebec, as you’ll likely guess when you meet her, Caroline has many tools in her toolbox. Skilled in a variety of roles, she has been working as a full-time designer for over two decades.

Caroline grew up in a small town and loves being a part of the community. You may run into her with Gord and the kids while volunteering at The Norgan Theatre in Palmerston – anything for free popcorn!

Laurie Henderson

Customer Service and Purchasing

When talking with Laurie, our customers often say, “It’s like she’s been doing this all her life!” In fact, she has since she grew up in her parents’ hardware store. Laurie has a degree in architectural drawing and extensive training in paint technologies. She understands how to mix and tweak paint colours better than anybody else at Cover-Ups.

Laurie has two beautiful kids, who are clones of herself and her husband — you can see the pictures for yourself at her desk. If you feel like coming into Cover-Ups for a small chat and laugh with her, you won’t be the only one!

Jaime McKinnon

Customer Service

Jaime has lived in our area all her life, but she’s no small town girl! Always on top of the latest and greatest trends, you can ask her anything from where to eat the best Pad Thai to what is the best deal at Lululemon right now, and she’ll have the answer for you.

Her resourcefulness, reliability, and thoroughness make her an exceptional customer service person, who everyone loves to work with. Behind her soft voice and her serious look, she is quite a little jokester and is always ready for a good laugh!

Ahmad Almohamad

Master Tile Setter

Wait until you meet Ahmad — you will enjoy his company as much as the rest of our team. Self-described as a “doctor of tile”, he is a master of his craft and it shows in his work.

Ahmad has a great sense of humour and teaches us a lot about being happy. We are so proud of what Ahmad and his family have accomplished since arriving in Canada from Syria in 2016.

Rob Bradley

Red Seal Certified Plumber

Meet Rob Bradley, our in-house plumber at Cover-Ups. Rob brings over 15 years of experience as a licensed Red Seal plumber to his craft, ensuring top-tier professionalism and reliability in every project he takes care of.

Rob is based in Wellington North, with his wife Robyn, their two sons, and their beloved dog Sandy.