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    Carpet Installation

    At Cover-Ups Flooring, we provide professional installation services for carpets and carpet tile products. Carpets are available in many styles, textures, and types of material. With so much selection, you can find the right carpet for any design or location.

    Good quality carpet will maintain its appearance and durability for years, especially when properly selected, installed, and regularly maintained. Carpets provide a number of benefits, including a soft surface, added grip, thermal comfort, and reduced noise levels.

    Contrary to popular belief, carpeting will actually improve indoor air quality by trapping allergens so they cannot circulate in your home. That’s why carpets are a great choice for a healthier home environment.

    When installing carpet, it is important to always use a certified flooring specialist. Carpet installation requires careful measurement and if it is not installed with proper under padding and sealing, it can lead to issues such as bucking, bubbling, or unravelling in the future.

    Carpet Styles

    Carpets are available in a range of styles, including:

    Loop Pile

    Loop pile carpets offer a soft surface with distinctive loops of yarn. This style of carpet offers basic patterns or textures created by the loops.

    Cut Pile

    Cut pile carpets have cut loops, which provides a uniform look. This style of carpet can look formal or even luxurious by adding more twist to the yarn.

    Cut & Loop Pile

    Cut and loop carpets use a combination of cut and looped yarn to create more distinctive and noticeable patterns with a varying texture.


    Textured carpets are a type of cut pile carpet that uses piles of uneven length to create a traditional look that is more durable and hard-wearing.

    Carpet Fibres

    Carpets are available in a variety of fibres, including both natural and synthetic materials. Some popular carpet fibres include:


    Nylon is a resilient synthetic fibre that offers great durability and fade resistance. This type of fibre is elastic and does not wear easily, which makes it an excellent choice for high traffic areas like hallways or family rooms.


    Wool is the premier natural fibre used in carpets and is a great choice for high traffic spaces. Wool is warm, comfortable, and durable, although less resistant to staining than synthetic fibres.


    Polyester is a soft and luxurious synthetic fibre that is available at a lower price point than other alternatives. It is best suited for lower traffic areas, such as bedrooms, where comfort is a priority over longevity.


    Polypropylene is an affordable synthetic fibre that handles stains and fading well. This fibre is resistant to moisture and mould, but it is a better fit for low traffic areas as it is not particularly resilient.

    Modular Carpet Tile

    Modular carpet tile is a versatile and functional flooring solution, which offers a great fit for office spaces, playrooms, and more. Carpet tile is available in a range of colours and patterns to match the existing decor of your home or business. The material is durable, maintenance free, and easy to replace. Its modular design makes it easy to fit into rooms of any size or shape.

    Carpet Maintenance

    Proper cleaning for your carpet is important for its longevity and appearance. Make sure you vacuum your carpet regularly and use a model that is able to effectively sucks up the dirt and dust.

    If there is a spill on your carpet, ensure that you clean it immediately to prevent staining. You can use hot water to restore a heavily soiled carpet. It is recommended that you have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, depending on wear.

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