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    Flooring Installation Materials

    If you’re looking to complete your own flooring installation, Cover-Ups Flooring carries a wide range of flooring installation materials. From floor and surface preparation to adhesives for any type of flooring, we have the solution to help you get your new flooring fully-installed in your home.

    Floor Preparation & Surface Preparation

    Before beginning the installation of any new flooring, it is important to ensure your space is properly prepared. Improper preparation can lead to a variety of problems down the road with uneven surfaces, moisture infiltration, and more. We offer a range of self-levelling underlayments, primers, waterproofing and crack isolation membranes, and more.


    Adhesive is an essential component of most flooring installations. There are a range of adhesives available, depending on the type of flooring that you are installing. From specific hardwood or carpet adhesives to multipurpose and specialty adhesives, we have the right product for the job.


    Grout is a necessary component of any tile flooring installation project, whether indoors or outdoors. Used to fill in the cracks between tiles and ensure your flooring is resistant to stains, spills, mould, and mildew, we have a variety of sanded and unsanded cement grouts available. Make sure your tile flooring is colour consistent and stands the test of time.


    Mortar is used to set porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone flooring, when installing tile flooring in your home. Made from a mixture of lime, sand, cement, and water, mortar will typically have a thin consistency to make it spreadable. We offer a range of polymer-modified thinset and fast set mortars, which are suitable for various flooring sub-surfaces.

    Caulk & Sealant

    Caulk and sealant will help ensure that your newly-installed tiles are properly protected from stains, colour fade, and waterproof for years to come. Sealing your grouted tiles is an important final step in completing a tiling installation. Some types of grout or tiles do not require sealant, so check with the manufacturer for details.

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