How To Clean Hardwood Flooring

Fall brings beautiful colours and, unfortunately, muddy floors. The increased dirt in your home creates more wear and tear on your floors. Knowing this, we wanted to make sure you had the right information to ensure that your hardwood floors are cleaned properly so they can look their very best.

Tip: You should ALWAYS ask how to clean and care for your floors at the time of purchase. Our team of flooring professionals is always here to help whenever you are unsure.

Here’s how our expert team recommends you clean your hardwood floors:

How to clean your hardwood flooring

person wearing yellow rubber gloves, kneeling and cleaning a hardwood floor with a blue microfibre cloth

1. Start by lightly sweeping your floor to avoid scratching. 

  • A dry microfibre mop or vacuum will work well. 
  • Do not use a beater bar (on your vacuum) as this could damage the wood. We suggest ensuring your vacuum is on the “hardwood flooring” setting (which doesn’t use the beater bar).

Bona professional hardwood floor cleaner bottle

2. Use the proper cleaning solution. 

  • We recommended the Bona professional line of cleaning products, as most hardwood manufacturers do. It will refresh the finish without leaving any kind of build-up, which would create streaks and smudges over time.
  • Most manufacturers offer their own cleaning products. We recommend using what the manufacturer of your flooring suggests. 
  • Visit your brand’s website for valuable information about their products and how to use them properly. Using the wrong product can leave you with film and/or marks/damage on your floor.

hand with a microfibre cloth on hardwood flooring

3. Use a little water and a little cleaning solution. 

Don’t use too much of either. Take care to follow the cleaning solution’s specific instructions.

4. Don’t use vinegar! 

The internet is full of websites and blogs claiming that vinegar is great on your floors. However, vinegar can actually strip the finish of your hardwood flooring and void your warranty.

5. Use a towel to dry the floor after cleaning it. 

This will ensure no water is left standing on the hardwood flooring and will help to eliminate streaks and damage.

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