Your Ideal Bathroom

With the idea to redesign a room in your home, comes the challenge of picking a style. You can easily mix and match a few things but somethings need to remain consistent. Some thoughts of these are colours or patterns, and the accessories. Also, which tile, stone or wood features provide the best look. Just a few easy steps to consider before you take your list of all things needed to Cover Up’s.


This fancy yet formal style can be inspired in many ways. When looking for tiles choose something small-scale or stone. For a more masculine finish mahogany woods is preferred over light woods. When looking for decorations make your purchases as a pair, balance is key. Bold yet basic colour pallets are required. Something that is monochromatic maybe.


If you like to live life clutter free and aren’t too clumsy this style is what’s best suited for you. Get some simple colours for your wall. Might I suggest Para Paints? Use geometric shapes as well as anything glass when looking for accessories. Something up-to-date as well.


Otherwise known as rustic, this is a space that will feel warm with features of all types of wood or metal. They can even be painted or stained for a fresh look. The furniture you’d want to place should be cushioned. Typically, personal touches add to the look. Some to think about are vintage books, picture frames anything plaid and glass jars. Something you would realistically put outside would also look beautiful in your country theme. Some engineered hardwood is the perfect site for your flooring.


Otherwise known as eclectic this might be something you call retro. Why? Because of the colours being used. This is a way to let your imagination run a little wild, ideal for those that cannot make up their mind. If there is an element or elements you love you will find a way to incorporate it. This includes mixing different style periods. Mixing dark colours with light tones, no matter the pattern is ideal for this room. This look can be achieved by collecting pieces at thrift stores or flea markets.

A well put together bathroom depends on how you decorate it and add details. To create a unique style and for core service talk to a colour consultant, flooring or tile insulator provided at Cover Up’s for project completion. All to create the project of your dreams.

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