How To Choose A Bathroom Sink Faucet

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a bathroom sink faucet. Here are some of the most common questions we ask our clients to help them determine the right choice for their lifestyle:

What style of faucet do you like?

Bathroom vanity with vessel sinks and tall faucets

There are hundreds of styles of faucets to fit just about any bathroom design. If your bathroom is more traditional, you may want to install an ornate faucet or, if modern is more your style, you may want a sleek and simple faucet.

Pro Tip: Be realistic with yourself about how much effort you will put into cleaning your faucet. Minimalistic and sleek designs will require less maintenance.

What life stage are you in?

Little boy washing his hands with a silver single lever faucet

Life stages are a huge factor in choosing a bathroom faucet. For example, young families may prefer a single-lever bathroom sink faucet, which is easier for kids to use, whereas an older person may prefer a two-handle sink which can be easier to adjust.

Are there already holes drilled in your bathroom sink? What is their position?

Person measuring a countertop

If you’re replacing an old faucet or your countertop has come pre-drilled, you will need to purchase a new faucet that fits. More specifically, you’ll want to ensure that you know the exact distance between the predrilled holes, as well as the depth of your drain to the centre hole.

Pro Tip: Take a picture of your existing countertop and measure the distance between the holes and from the centre hole to the centre of the drain, as well as the height, width, and depth of your sink. Bring them to a professional who can help you figure out your best options.

What are the different types of bathroom sink faucets?

Simple silver faucet with running water

Faucets come in single-lever and double-lever in a variety of different styles. Be sure that you know whether your existing faucet has 4 or 8-inch spacing, or else you risk purchasing the wrong size.

Pro Tip: Your sink style might affect the type of faucet that you should purchase. For example, vessel sinks are higher than the average sink and therefore you’ll need a specialty faucet that will fit.

If you have any questions about choosing a faucet for your sink, reach out to us and a member of our team will be happy to help!

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