Grey or Natural Colour Flooring Trends

Choosing a flooring colour is an important decision because it will set the tone, feel, and flow for the rest of your home. Flooring colours will also affect the colour pallet and style of your home. The pendulum is starting to swing away from grey coloured flooring as more homeowners are expressing interest in honey, peach, and more natural colour tones. Read on to explore the grey or natural colour flooring trends and discover if either is right for your home.

Grey Flooring

Grey toned wood flooring with white shiplap and a stool with white legs and natural wood top |Grey or Natural Colour Flooring Trends

Grey coloured flooring has been the top choice for homeowners for at least the last five years. The style took over the market, but the trend is slowing down. Grey flooring offers a cool, classy, and neutral backdrop for decorating. The benefit to grey flooring is that it tends to hide dirt well and complements many trending kitchen colours. Offering a more subdued presentation than natural wood hues, grey often lets the room do the talking.

Natural Flooring

Natural peach coloured flooring and a book shelf unit in the background

Homeowners that are looking to add character, colour, and warmth to their spaces have been turning to natural wood colours. This style of flooring offers more texture and grain, and the peach and honey colours will make your space feel warmer and more open. Natural colours are a great accent for a modern farmhouse, beachy styles, and even traditional styles. Beyond that, natural tones do a great job of concealing minor scuffs, scrapes, and other debris, such as pet hair. Wood floors that are finished in natural color are more likely to stand the test of time.

Blending is Trending

Blended beige and grey tones flooring with a multicoloured pinstripe chair in the background

If you are a fan of both natural and grey flooring, there are opportunities to blend both colours into beautiful combined colours. The new buzzword for this colour is “Greige” — blending a touch of grey with brown and beige tones to create a more smokey look. This new colour feels modern and timeless, and it’s surprisingly versatile as it offers a relaxed feel that complements many home styles and paint colours.

Whether you are a fan of either the grey or natural colour flooring trends or want to blend the two together, we have plenty of options to find your home and personal style. If you have questions about choosing a colour of flooring for your home, the Cover-Ups Flooring team is always here to help. Contact us today.

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